• Ability to hide visit target dates and windows in the scheduled visit grid. Controlled through the study configuration.
  • Bug fix on multi-stratified lab range checking.
  • Support of decimal values in the site payment configuration grid.
  • Changed workflow review verbiage from "locked" to "tagged" when using the soft review function. This change is seen at the top of forms after they have been soft reviewed.
  • Significant speed improvements on the Monitor Report, Dashboard Report, and Action Items Report.
  • Added a subject ID filter to the Monitor Report and removed 200 record limit. Note, the "Changed since last review" filter currently only functions on the TrialKit Monitor Report.
  • Enhanced the Dashboard Report with chart graphics.
  • Fixed current interval conditional action criteria originating from/created on the mobile app.
  • General stability improvements.

Be sure to keep an eye on release notes for TrialKit mobile app updates as well. Although data and base functionality are the same across platforms, the app often provides tools that are unavailable on the Clinical Studio web.

v4.5.2.b - February 9, 2018

  • Site/study form types can now be changed outside of versioning
  • Fixed a bug that calculated the list of records awaiting review in the action items report
  • Changed form builder "owner" to the most recent user who saved the form and the most recent date of save
  • Added Study name as an option to Extract by form, so the study name can now be included as a column in exports
  • Added .csv format as an option to Extract All. This will export all datasets into a zip file

v4.5.2.c - February 17, 2018

  • Payment Manager no longer includes forms that are optional in the visit schedule, in order for a visit payment to be payable
  • Auto-validation tool in the form builder now always looks at the most recent version of the study
  • Patched a couple little bugs here and there