Since study licenses are based on the period a study is "live", this is a great question. Clinical Studio considers something live from the time the status is moved to Live until the time when the study is archived. In other words, data entry may be complete, but the study license will remain in effect throughout data cleansing or monitoring that is still being done.

Once the study is complete with the data entry, you can lock your database to prevent users from changing anything. At that point, Clinical Studio still considers the study live as far as licensing is concerned. The way to stop licensing is to archive the study. This removes all users from accessing the database. The study can also be UN-archived at any point via re-initiation of the study license.

A small monthly archiving fee is applied to each archived study unless there is at least one active study on the account. With the fee kept current, an archived study will remain in the system for potential access in the future. If the archive fee lapses or is discontinued, there is a 90-day grace period before the study is removed. Notification messages are sent during this period to the primary account Administrator listed on the Account Manager page.