Once the Moderator and Adjudicator roles set, the Form Builder is where the adjudication is defined. From the Form Builder, open the form that will need adjudicating. A common example is an Adverse Event form.

Once the form is open, access the form properties and scroll down to the Adjudication section as highlighted below.

Four components are defined above:

  • If the form is going to be adjudicated, or if the current form is the one which the adjudicator will fill out.
  • The roles responsible for adjudication/moderation
  • Adjudicate after which level - The status which a record must meet before the system allows it to be adjudicated
  • Adjudicator Form - If the current form is the one being adjudicated, which form will be the one the adjudicator fills out.

After setting the properties shown above, let's now take a look at the adjudication form which the adjudicator will fill out.

The final important step, and one that is easy to overlook, is defining which field on the adjudication form will serve as the final determining factor for the Moderator to use.

This is done by selecting one of the fields on the adjudication form and defining the field property shown below.

Please be sure to save all changes before exiting the form builder.

Read Further about assigning users to perform adjudication as data is entered in the study.