Adjudicators have simple access to any events which have been assigned to them, via the Adjudication Report found under the Reports menu:

From this list shown below, a user can easily see what is awaiting adjudication and what has been completed. 

If an event has been assigned to the user, it will display in the list. 

Tapping an event in the list will open the form.

Note, if the record has not yet met the status level defined by the Study Administrator, the record will still open as read only, but will not allow adjudication.

To adjudicate, simply fill out the adjudication form displayed on the lower half of the screen. The line in the middle can be tapped/held and dragged to adjust how much of each form is displayed. Each form can also be independently scrolled. This makes it easy to see the data under review in the same view as the data being entered on the adjudication form.

When finished, tap save on the upper right. This will only save the adjudication.