RBM works on the Field Level Source Verification (FLSV) of a given study or CRF at a certain review level. Before we can start implementing RBM, we must set up our study and review level to use FLSV. The first step is to be sure you have a review level that uses FLSV. From the Study Configuration menu, access the Study Workflow app, you will see the screen below.

This particular study has three review levels. We are going to concentrate on the first review level. The first review level is the level that we will implement RBM.

As was stated earlier, the review level that will be using RBM must allow for field level source verification (FLSV). For your study workflow, be sure that you have selected this option. Once you have saved the review level you are now ready to define the forms.

From the Form, Select the fields to use RBM

Once you have setup your study and forms to use RBM, you can go to any participant form and define which fields are to be source verified. TrialKit gives you several options that make it very flexible for implementing your RBM model for a single participant, a single site or the entire population.