After logging in, a screen similar to what's shown below will be displayed. This is where all existing coding projects can be accessed, or additional coding projects can be created. No matter where you are in the system, you can return to this screen by tapping "Projects" (item 1) at the top. For all items annotated in the image, see definitions below.

1. Projects button - Returns to the main page listing all coding projects

2. Pull-out menu - Allows for switching between different accounts or databases if you belong to more than one.

3. Add - Used to add new coding projects to the table

4. Code This button - To open the corresponding project and code. Read more here.

5. Dashboard - Reports on metrics regarding the coding project. Read more here.

6. Edit - Edit any of the items in the first five columns of the table

To Add a new project (item 3 above), continue reading...

Configuration Name - Name the project

Medical Coding Type - Select which dictionary will be used for the dataset being coded

Review Levels - Define which review levels on coded items. Provide both the applicable role and a name for the level of review. Up to two review levels can be defined, but none are necessary.

Data Source - Choose a data source (form) if the data is coming from Clinical Studio. Check the standalone box, if the data is coming from an external csv file.