Handoff Mode is an option (provided you have the permission in your study) to open a form intended for a study subject to complete. This mode locks down the app on the current form so the person (subject) filling out the form is unable to do anything except save.*

Two things must be true for a user to access handoff mode:

  • The form open on the screen must be an ePRO form (as defined in the form builder)
  • The user who is logged in must have the permission to manage handoff mode

Here is how it works:

At the top of the screen, there is an icon as highlighted below.

Once tapped, it disables the navigation and other functions on the form, as shown below. Any data saved in this mode will get recorded in the audit trail as "Record inserted/updated via handoff mode".

To exit handoff mode, simply tap the handoff mode icon again. It will prompt for user login credentials to unlock handoff mode.

Tap here read on about "Bundled Handoff Mode"

*Important note on restrictions in handoff mode: The user can still leave the app and navigate the phone. TrialKit is not able to lock the phone completely. This must be done through the device accessibility or restriction settings. All TrialKit does is prevent the user from navigating to other places in the app itself.