The subject search option on the right side of the page is a convenient way to jump to a specific subject ID, or directly to the subject listing (Subject Manager page). 

The search box is able to search not only subject IDs, but also all date and text fields that exist on the subject registration forms. For example, if subject initials or birthdates are collected, those can be used in the case the subject ID is not easily known.

Note, only subjects at the current site will be searched, to prevent users from searching subjects at other sites. The current site is simply the last site you visited in the Subject Manager. If other site searches are needed, it will be required that the site be switched from the top of the Subject Manager page.

If an exact ID is entered, the system will navigate directly to the records page of that subject. Once done working on that subject, simply hit enter to jump back to the subject list, or type in a new subject.

If the search criteria has multiple matches, a list of the possible matches will display and the subject manager page will filter by that criteria, after which the user must manually select which one is desired. An example of this is shown in the image above, where "jul" was being used to search for enrollment dates in July. Note, the search is not case-sensitive.

To clear the current search criteria, just click the Go button or hit enter with no search criteria in the box.