There are multiple option for pulling paper PDF downloads of CRFs which have been entered on subjects. 

  • Download entire casebooks - all CRFs entered on a subject - from the Subject Manager page
  • Download individually selected CRFs from within each subject's records page
  • Download study CRFs in bulk, along with queries, audit trails, and history from the PDF export tool

Each of the above are discussed here.

Entire subject casebook options:

There are two options on the Subject Manager subject listing:

1. Download a single PDF file containing all CRFs entered on the corresponding subject

2. Download a zip file folder containing separate files for each CRF entered on the corresponding subject. 

Indivdual CRFs can be downloaded from the dropdown view of the scheduled visits table:

All CRFs can be individually accessed from the longitudinal history at the bottom of the same page:

Lastly, multiple subject CRFs with other record details can be downloaded from the PDF export tool. Select the link to read more.