If you have multiple forms to hand off to subject during a single visit, you can do what is called "Bundled Handoff".  Simply pick a subject from the subject listing and all forms due will appear for subject.

Just like single handoff mode, only forms due for this patient will display.

1) To enter the subject Manager 

2) Tap on "Access My Subjects" on main menu or "Subjects" icon on the tab bar

3) Tap the "Handoff" button

1) The Handoff Manager screen will open.  You can tap on subject who is ready to fill out their ePRO forms.

1) The subjects forms that are due will show in a "Bundle Listing"

2) Subject taps on each form and fills our questions

3) Once subject completes form in entirety, the form will normally leave the interface

4) Subject will tap "Done" when completed.

1) Once subject is completed and hits "DONE" the Research Coordinator will have to re login to site again.