1) Archive:

Location: Study Level

Once the study is complete with data entry, the database can be locked or shut down to prevent users from changing only certain records or all records. This is done via the study status settings in the study configuration. Study licensing will still be active during this stage as users still need access for data cleansing or review. Licensing comes to an end when the study is archived. This is set by Crucial Data Solutions Administration upon license termination. Archiving removes all user access. The study can also be un-archived at any point via re-initiation of the study license.


A minimal monthly archiving fee is applied to each archived study unless there is at least one active study on the account. With the fee kept current, an archived study will remain in the system for potential access in the future. If the archive fee lapses or is discontinued, there is a 90-day grace period before the study is removed. Notification messages are sent during this period to the primary account Administrator listed on the Account Manager page.


2) Freeze:

Location: Form Level

Freezing is a function intended for individual forms within a subject's case book. Typically used by Monitors or Data Management.  For example, you are monitoring a form and get interrupted and need to freeze that form from further data entry temporarily. This function is not intended to permanently lock the record. TrialKit automatically locks a record from changes after review has been performed. No extra action is needed for that.