As events occur in the study and need to be adjudicated, a Study Manager, or someone with permission to configure the adjudication must assign users to the events. 

This is done from the Study menu, via the Configure Adjudication option highlighted below:

Once open, users can be individually assigned to events simply by tapping and dragging. This is also where a manager can view who has been assigned to which events already and who has completed it.

Use the annotations to reference the detailed descriptions below the image.

1. Select the form to manage events for. Any number of forms in a study can be adjudicatable based on what the Study Administrator has defined.

2. List of all users under the role which has been defined as the Adjudicator role for the form selected in item 1.

3. List of ALL events to date on the selected form. Unique record ID, Event name, event date, site, and subject ID are all displayed.

4. For the event selected in Item 3, a list of currently assigned users will display. Green means the user has completed their adjudication. Red means its still awaiting.

Read More about how adjudication works for the Adjudicator.