The inventory, like all other study data, is fully audited by the system. Every item that passes through inventory can be tracked with a recorded history. 

The inventory audit report makes it possible to see this information. 

Access to the inventory audit is based on the role of the first workflow level in the inventory configuration. 

It can be accessed from below the Inventory Management option in the menus:

Once open, each item's history can be viewed or exported to Excel. 

Annotation references in image above:

1. Select which inventory and item to for. All items can also be selected here for exporting.

2. Export the list to Excel format

3. Select which site to view product history for

4. Access the e-mail notification log. This is the log of all emails auto-generated by the inventory management system - such as when sites are notified of a re-fill shipment. These include any attached CSV files which may have gone to the distributor.