Q: How do I remove all versions BUT keep the latest versioned forms in a new study build?


Often times when beginning a new study, study builders find it most efficient to re-use a study that has already run its course. In many cases, these studies will have multiple versions as changes were made over time. Copying these studies will also copy all the versions from the source study to the new copy. These are the steps in reversing the versions back to version one so you are getting the most recent version of the last study, without all the past versions.

1. Copy a study with multiple versions

2. Create a new form library titled after the study, for easy future reference

3. Open the new study (ensure you are doing the following steps from the newly copied study)

4. From the Form Builder, export all the most recent versions of forms to the new form library.

  • NOTE!! Open the scheduled visits setup page and take a screenshot of the most recent version visit schedule. This may come in useful if the visit schedule is needed to be reproduced on version 1 of the new study.

6. Open the Version Manager page and Un-include all sites from all versions.

7. Open the study configuration and unpublish/delete all versions of the new study in reverse order. Do this until you are down to the first version, which should be "In Development"

8. From the Form Builder page, delete all existing forms.

9. Import all the forms from the form library in step 4.

  • NOTE FROM #4 above! Use the screenshot from step 5 to reference in setting up the scheduled visits with the forms that were just imported.

Make any other necessary changes in the study configuration - like randomization, notifications, review levels, etc.