Version 5.0 marks the final version of Crucial Data Solutions' Clinical Studio on the web - at least as its been known for the past decade. Future versions will be under its new name, TrialKit. 

2020 will bring major evolutions to the web experience as we remain focused on what our clients use the most. This process has already begun with a unification of branding to its mobile app companion, TrialKit. It will continue with a significantly improved web experience as the year progresses. Updates will be provided as those changes approach.

For now, here are some change all users should to be aware of:

Navigating subject records has undergone some optimizations to improve speed and help simplify how much data gets displayed at once. With this change, you will see a minor difference in how the various record types are accessed within a subject’s casebook. 

Scheduled visits, unscheduled visits, and log forms are now accessed via buttons at the top of the page:

The mobile app will continue with a similar function at the bottom of the screen:

Finally, you will notice fewer popup windows during data entry on forms. If a form gets saved without any errors, the system will automatically redirect you to the subject’s casebook where the next desired form can be selected. If errors exist on the form after saving, you will be kept on the page for a chance to correct any issues. 

We hope the combination of these changes make for an improved experience to our highly valued users.

For a full list of what has changed in this version, please check this version’s release notes.