Blank forms can be exported for the common purpose of review or having paper versions on hand. 

This can be done from the form builder within the app. 

Caution: If forms were built using the web, be careful not to save the form in the app form builder. Doing so could cause form layout to change slightly. Simply opening the form for the purpose of printing the PDF will have no impact.

Tapping the button above will automatically open the PDF preview and also export the PDF instantly to the device's iCloud TrialKit folder (iOS only). No further action is needed. 

If the form content goes off the page due to the parent form design, it's relatively easy to create a targeted child form for the purpose of paper data entry. This way you can have separate layouts for PDF versus what is used in the electronic version.

To create a targeted PDF version of the form, follow these steps:

1. Create a PDF size option in the device dictionary. If paper width is 8 inches (accounting for .25 inch margins) and there are 100 dots per inch, then any forms targeting this size would be 800 pixels wide. Dots per inch x paper width = CRF width.

2. Open the parent form in the form builder (don't tap save!). 

3. Open the form properties

4. Target the form to the PDF size option. A message will indicate when complete.

5. Without tapping the save button on the parent form, open the form library list and select the newly created PDF child version of the form. Change the layout as desired for the page size and tap save. 

6. Tap the PDF export button described above.