Visit the Form Builder Overview for a reference to all the elements shown on the Form Builder screen.

This article serves as a simple guide to build forms.

Note, the form builder comes pre-loaded with the same forms as the study that was Used to Copy. These forms can be re-used, changed, or deleted. 

This article will cover the steps in creating new forms from scratch. All of these makeup steps 4-6 in the Study Building Process.

  1. Create a New or Editing a Form
  2. Repeat step 1 for all forms needed in the study
  3. Add additional Fields
  4. Ensure the form is checked as log form and has at least one log field identified.
  5. Build Form Logic and Edit Checks
  6. Copying, Moving & Reusing Forms
  7. Identify which forms are log forms. These are forms that can be collected anytime
  8. Other Form Building Tools that you can review for how to use tools like the preview, auto-validation and design notification messages
  9. Making Form Changes can be done after go-live anytime needed
  10. As you make changes, be sure to test them. You can do this by entering test data in the Subject Manager
  11. Continue on with the Study Building Guide. Keep up the good work!