TrialKit Coder's algorithm for auto-coding determines what gets coded and how it gets coded. Understanding the routine it follows is important knowledge prior to using the auto-code tool. This article details that routine.

When running the autocoder, the following occurs:

1. The system looks for any terms with synonyms contained in the local Central or Project-specific synonym dictionary. If it finds matches, those terms get coded based on what is defined in each synonym.

2. All un-coded or previously-auto-coded terms remaining are run against the applicable dictionary to find a match. If any terms have been previously manually coded, those are not changed.


  • If a record has been reviewed, locked, or validated from within the TrialKit EDC or TrialKit Coder, then the autocoder will not code or change those records.
  • If a change is made to a term within TrialKit EDC, the term will contain a red strikethrough within the Coder interface, but previously coded data will be retained. The autocoder will only update the code if the term was not previously manually coded.