Q: Can I bulk import a list of choices to a choice type field like a Radio or Drop Down choice field?

A: Yes, Create a CSV type excel file and store in your iCloud folder as described below:


Excel file set up with two columns.  One for choice and one for value.

You need a header as row #1.  You can name your columns anything you want. 

In the example below, we named them "Choice" and "Value".

1) Choice column - Text of the choices you want to import.

2) Value column - Has the value of the choice in the column

Your excel import file will look similar to this:

This file to be uploaded must be saved using the .csv file extension and placed in the 1) TrialKit folder within your 2) iCloud Drive.

See below:

PLEASE NOTE! if you uploaded the file to your iCloud drive from another device than the one you are using, you will need to download it locally.

Usually, you will see the download icon on the file when looking at your iCloud>TrialKit folder.

The file will look like this below if the file needs to be downloaded locally.  Notice where the red arrow is pointing.


Tapping the import button below will bring a list of CSV files available to upload from your iCloud>TrialKit Folder.  Select the choices file you are importing and tap the import file button.

The Combine switch allows you to:

  • When OFF will create a brand new list from your imported file
  • When ON will append your choices to the existing list of choices already set for the field.

FINAL NOTE: Because choice values must be unique, when importing choices, if a value already exists in the choice list that matches the choice list that is being imported, the next available value will be used to assure uniqueness among values.