Records progressing through the review levels defined on a study most often contain a sign off level. This is commonly done by a Site Investigator as a final review step,  but can be configured at any level.

Records available to review can be accessed via the Action Item Report or the Dashboard Report on both the mobile app and website. 

The ability to sign records in batches or to bypass record sign off are functions which may exist with appropriate granted permissions.

There are three methods for providing eSignature within TrialKit, depending on which medium is being used:

  • Traditional username/password entry
  • Handwritten (Analog) signature
  • Biometrics (mobile app only)

When signature is provided the system logs the event, user, date, and signature type utilized. This information is presented in audit trails with other information.

From the mobile app:

On the signature window, the handwritten option will be the default. Biometric or Sign In option can also be selected if preferred.