Release notes -  Web v5.4


Functional AreaDescription
Subject ManagementSubjects can now be moved to new cohorts in batches
User InterfaceThe term used for "Subject" can now be defined in the study configuration
User InterfaceAdded Subject start date to the subject information panel based on a definable component in the study configuration
User InterfaceAdded save button to the top of forms
User Sign InAdded measures to prevent users from getting locked out
Version MigrationAdded option in version migration to ignore email type Conditional actions
Field Conditional ActionsSupport for conditional action Populate type in normalized tables
Data ExportsMedical Code data is now displayed in the data exports on coded forms
Email NotificationsEmail notifications are now only sent to active users on the study. Suspended users are displayed in the distribution list.
Email Notifications

Dates displayed in email notifications now follow the date format set by the designer

PDF ExportingPermission added for ability to export PDFs from the Subject Records Pages
User InterfaceEnhanced icons for record index paging
User Sign InNew user Prompt of the privacy policy is now forced
Site by User ReportAbility to see privacy policy agreement date within the Site by user report export


Functional AreaDescription
Monitor Report

Added record ID column to the Monitor Report export. Fixed an issue where file upload fields could fire a requirement check after a second save

Form Conditional actions

Fixed issue with Visit-based conditions not being seen if the visit name is changed between cohorts

Record Status Report

Fixed issue where Record Status Report errors when trying to get non-existent cohorts