There are three types of forms in Clinical Studio: Subject, Site, and Study. Most methods of collecting data are through subject case report forms, which are accessed in the subject records. However, Site and Study forms are great ways to collect other study data that is not directly related to a subject.

Once created in the Form Builder, Site forms can be accessed in the Site Documents Manager under the Study menu. 

Study forms can be accessed in Study Related Forms under the Subject menu. 

The Form Builder also allows the flexibility for these forms to be gathered as log forms, much the same way that protocol deviations are collected as subject log forms.


Some examples of how these might be used:

  • Collect Reimbursement documents
  • Collect site-specific information.
  • Upload protocol files.
  • Collect IRB approval documents.
  • Collect Site Progress checklists for the sites to complete.
  • Collect Study build or testing project plans.
  • Allow site investigators to log information on a product or procedure that is related to the site.