Subjects are initially enrolled in a study from the Subject Manager

Depending on the study, subject IDs are either automatically generated or manually entered. This and the format of the profile ID will depend on the study design.  In this example, the system will auto-generate a new subject profile ID.

TrialKit Web (Browser)

Follow these steps for the desktop or mobile app: 
  1. Select the link to generate a new profile ID (desktop). The mobile app will create the profile ID automatically by tapping "Add New Subject". To manually enter a subject ID, simply type it in the text box. Different studies may have this configured differently to prevent manual entry or omit the auto-generated link altogether.
  2. Select the button/link to open the enrollment form.

On the app:

After completing the enrollment form, you can choose to return to the previous page where the subject enrollment table is displayed and shows all subjects enrolled.

Important Note: Opening up a subject's casebook after enrollment is dependent on first completing the subject registration form. Only then can a subject be opened up for further access. 

Read about entering/saving subject records or the various types of records that can be entered.