When you create a new Website Host by registering, and login for the first time, you won't see many tools available from the start. 

A study must first be created - and it only takes a minute.

The Study Manager is where studies are created. You can find that here:

 Now simply fill in the fields and create your study!

The annotations above are as follows:

Note: Don't worry about what's entered in these fields for now. They can all be changed at any time.

  1. Study Name - Add in the Study Name
  2. Sponsor Name - This is merely a label for your own reference in identifying the study.
  3. Study Type - Choose either option here. The only difference is that Training Studies have a watermark on every page so users are clear they are not in a live study. After the 60-day trial period, the number of Production (live) studies possible depends on the account subscription level. Study types can easily be changed at any time.
  4. Create your study! - This will initiate the system to build your new study database. 
  5. Optional: The Download Study Worksheet link is a study worksheet to document your study as its built. This serves as a great tool for study building traceability or sign-offs.

What to do next?

Consider using your new study as a base template and make another copy to work with. Whatever you do, here's a guide you can use to begin configuring your study.