Every study created in TrialKit starts as a copy of another user-selected study.

If you are creating your first study, a template is already setup with common eCRFs, user roles, and Part 11 compliant study settings.

From the template, you can simply begin enrolling subjects to explore the interface, or follow the study build guide to configure it differently.

For subsequent studies, you have the option of copying some additional elements:

  • Copy Sites and Users from Default study (This will create sites on destination if they do not exist)
  • Copy Subject Data from Default study
  • Copy File Attachments from Default study

One exception to that rule is if you don't check "Copy Sites and Users from Default Study," the person doing the copy will be set up as ADMIN USER in the administrative site automatically.  Read here for information on adding Users

This is a good way to copy template and only have you as admin set up so you control who gets invited.