This article describes some of the common data fields you may see when filling out a form, how to save the form, and navigating to other forms.

After opening a record, complete the form and save as described below. If any errors (automatic queries) occur after saving the form, either correct the data to close the error or read this article about posting messages to queries.

Web Browser:

Descriptions for the annotated image above:

  1. Form Name
  2. Page selection
  3. Saving Options - If the Draft Saving option is available, your current data will be saved without performing any checks on the data. This allows you to return later and complete the form. If draft saving is not available, any errors that occur from edit checks will self-close once the data is corrected.
  4. Navigate to other forms
  5. Field types which may display differently on the mobile app

After opening that record above in the subject grid, unscheduled visit, log listing, or unscheduled visit log you will see current participant information on the right-hand panel under "Current Participant" 


Notice the unique RECORD ID for the form.  This unique record ID will display in the right-side information panel when a form is open. This allows for more convenient reference when needed.

See below:  

TrialKit Mobile App:

Descriptions for the annotated image above:

  1. Fixed table - This is an independent scrollable table. To edit a row, scroll the table all the way to the right to tap the edit icon and then again to save.
  2. Barcode or text entry - Tap the icon to open the device camera and scan the barcode
  3. Number slider - Slide the sphere to the right/left to input a value. The range depends on how the form was designed.
  4. Photo/Video - Tap the icons to add an image or video
  5. Static image annotation - Toggle the select icon in the upper left corner to enable sketch ability on the image that appears in this field
  6. Audio recording
  7. Manual signature/sketch - Toggle the select icon in the upper left corner to enable signing or sketch in this field
  8. Save form
  9. Query list - Tap to view a list of all queries on the form. Tap a query within the list to jump to the corresponding page where the query exists.
  10. Current status of the form. This will update dynamically and after saving answers.
  11. Tap Done to exit the form and return to subject's records list.