After opening the Subject Manager, you will have access to all subjects at the site(s) you belong to. Reference the image below for both the desktop and mobile app.

If you belong to multiple study sites, select the appropriate site as highlighted below (#1).

Reference the image above for descriptions of the web browser interface:

1) Site selection - Displays all subjects for the site currently selected. This only applies to users with access to multiple study sites.

2) Rows - Allows you to display any number of rows in the table for easy viewing.

3) Subject ID - Select this to open the subject's records. If this is not clickable, see the next item (4) to ensure the status of the record is complete with no errors.

4) Status - Displays the status of the enrollment record for each subject. Select this to open the enrollment form.

5) Print - Creates a PDF of all the records that have been entered for the subject.

6) Subject Filter - Use this to search for a specific subject from the table.

7) Edit/Delete - May or may not be visible depending on your permissions. This allows for editing the subject ID or Deleting the subject from the study. Swipe left on the mobile app to delete the subject.

8) Enroll a new subject 

Reference TrialKit app descriptions below the image:

1. Site selection. Only the sites you are a member of will be listed. 

2. Create/Enroll a new subject at the site currently selected above. Note, a site must be selected to add a new subject.

3. Tap the status icons to open the existing enrollment/registration CRF for each subject listed.

4. Tap a row to open the corresponding records for a subject.

5. Tap here to view the icon legend - description of the various icons/form statuses.

Read here about enrolling new subjects or how to navigate subject records.