This article will describe how to access Log Forms. Log Forms are used to collect log data which is not directly part of a visit. Common examples are shown in the image below.


Your study will dictate which forms are collected as log forms, the order they are listed, and the columns that each of the tables display 


After opening a subject's records, log forms are located under the Unscheduled Visits.

Referencing the image below:

1. Click the icon to open an existing record

2. Click the Add New button to enter a new record

3. The ID is a hardcoded record value that uniquely identifies each record. It is not necessarily in an ordered sequence and serves as a reference to use when relating records in other places.

Also, be aware this is one of the two places you can delete individual forms.   (Longitudinal Subject Record View) the other

Please note - You can see ID in data extracts as "Primary Key (Transaction Id)" column name.

On a Web Browser:

On the Mobile App:

See Image descriptions below the image:

1. Select which log form to enter

2. Tap the button to add a new form of the type selected

3. Tap to open an existing log form of the type selected