Queries are only visible to you if one or more of the following is met:

  • You created the query 
  • The query was deployed to your role, at the study site(s) you belong to.
  • You have special permissions to see all queries (My Queries Report)

Queries can exist and be viewed in the following three locations within a subject's records:

Location Type
Intervals Manual
Forms Automatic or Manual
Form Fields Automatic or Manual

Definitions of query types (listed in the table above):

Automatic - Queries generated automatically by the system based on form logic and edit checks that are in place. 
Manual - Queries created manually by someone with the permissions to do so. Typically Data Managers or Monitors will have this permission. 

Helpful Hint: To view and manage all queries from one location, use My Queries Report.

The images below display the locations listed in the table above.

On a Web Browser:

  1. Interval Query
  2. Form Status displaying the presence of at least one form or field query (Open the form for details)
  3. With the form open, the form query displays on the upper right of the form
  4. Field Query - These are the most common
Selecting any query icon will open the query dialog window and display any details.

On the Mobile App:

  1. Select here to view a list of any Interval or Form queries
  2. Select here to view the field query

After selecting the desired query, read here about how to post query responses.