Queries are the optimal way to handle messages that pertain to study data, without the need for email or other alternatives. After accessing your queries, messages can be posted to them by following the steps outlined in this article.

The query window can be opened from My Queries Report or query icons displayed on subject records.

Web Browser:

Reference the image below for the following descriptions:

  1. Select a query. If multiple are displayed, selecting any will open the same window.
  2. If multiple queries exist, select the link for the appropriate query.
  3. Type a message and select the Post button. 

Mobile App:

1. Select a query icon. This example is a field query. For other query types, read here.

2. If multiple queries exist, select the appropriate one.

3. Type a message

4. Select the Post button

All the above can also be done directly from the Queries Report, without the need to navigate queries directly on each form.