If you have been provided access to an existing study, you should have received an email from one of these addresses: 

  • webmaster@clsds.com 
  • mobileadmin@trialkit.com

Be sure to check your inbox and spam/junk folder for this message and whitelist the addresses if necessary, as other notifications from the system may come from these.

That email contains a link to the website and your temporary login password. 

Alternatively, you can always find the website at trialkit.com and click the User Login link at the upper right corner.

The mobile app can also be downloaded on both the iOS app store and Google Play

To sign-in on the website, select the link at the top right of the page:

The mobile app can be accessed with the same login credentials used on the web, but with the added ability for two-factor authentication and biometric login.

Password and session rules:

  • Must contain a minimum of eight (8) characters - 1 uppercase and 2 numeric. Symbols may also be used.
  • The system will automatically sign out after 30 minutes on the same page without refresh or page change. 
  • Password expiration is enforced at 90-days for user accounts that are not utilizing 2-factor authentication across both the website and mobile app. When the password expires, the user will see the following screen on the website:

The first time signing in, all new users will be prompted to read and check the Privacy Policy as shown below: