Q. Why doesn't a field disappear from my form in the Form Builder when I try to delete it?

A. First, be sure to use the delete button on the page to delete a field on the form. The delete key on a keyboard will not work. When deleting a field, there will be a confirmation box that pops up. If you previously opted to not show those confirmation messages, the system will not delete the field. The fix is simply to sign out of your session and sign back in. 

Q. Can I score responses on a form? How Do I accomplish survey scoring scenarios?

A. Yes, choice fields can be used to do this. Each choice in a choice field (dropdown or radio) can contain an associated value. A number field can then be used to compute a score via a formula which factors in the choice fields. No selection in a choice field will be counted as zero.

Q. Is there a function / code to disable a field and clear its contents of data that has been entered in data entry? 

A: Yes, Using Populate Value to Clear a Field - Clearing Data from field with conditional action.  You can use the Populate Value conditional action to clear a field. It processes the condition exactly the same way. However, if you want to clear the target field, do not enter anything into the target value area, which is located at the bottom of the conditional action window. By leaving this blank, when the event is triggered by the user, the system will clear the field if the condition is true.

PLEASE NOTE!  Radio Fields are only fields that do not clear with this conditional action.