This article explains how to customize the appearance of your site on web browsers.

Start by accessing the Theme Manager page, as described in the overview.

The image below displays each element that can be customized. Reference the numbers to match each element with what it affects on the site. 


  1. Foreground Color - Menu bar - Clinical Studio Theme color is 208FBF.
  2. Alternating Line Color - Rows on tables anywhere throughout the system. The enrollment table above is an example. Clinical Studio Theme is D4EDF8. 
  3. Logo Image - Shown at the left of the header area at the top.
  4. Header background - Shown in the header area at the top.
  5. Box Header - Shown in the header of the boxes on the right side of the page.
  6. Title Bar - The column header on tables throughout the system. The enrollment table shown above displays an example.

Important Note: Items 3 through 6 are images that must be edited using the same size images from the 'Download Theme Package' link on the right side of the page. Any image editor program can be used to change the color/appearance of the images.

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