Patient Reporting (ePRO) and Patient Messaging

Providing Patients with ePRO Login Credentials
Read here on how to provide patients with login credentials for self-reporting. This is only applicable to studies using ePRO functionality.
Tue, 5 Jul, 2016 at 11:32 AM
Can ePRO subjects enter their data on a web browser?
Yes. We realize there are times where the subject has no access to a mobile device to enter their outcomes.  As long as they have a computer connected to t...
Thu, 21 May, 2020 at 5:35 PM
What Mobile Devices do you support for ePRO?
TrialKit supports both Android and Apple iOS with powerful and user-friendly native mobile apps. The application is available in Google Play for Android ...
Mon, 18 May, 2020 at 8:12 AM
Manual Patient Notifications
Site users are able to directly send custom messages to patients via email and/or app notifications through the Subject Notifications page. Keep in mind, ...
Mon, 4 May, 2020 at 3:37 PM